Buying a Home

When considering making a real estate decision it is important to consider your motivation for making the move. Is it time to find your dream home, are you buying real estate as an investment property, or is it just time to invest in your own equity and not monthly rent?

Historically, the purchase of real estate is a proven way to build equity, create a tax deduction, and receive a great return on your investment.

Our experienced real estate agents listen to your goals, provide research about home values and recent sales, develop a marketing strategy to list your home and understand the home buying process for first-time buyers and repeat buyers.

Understanding the different costs associated with buying or selling a home is an important part of all real estate transactions. We provide thorough information of anticipated closing costs to expect in the home buying process.

Steps to Buying a House:

  • Decide to Buy A Home
  • Secure Finances and Set a Budget
  • List Wants, Needs, and Desires from Your Home
  • Let’s Go Shopping
  • Negotiate an Offer
  • Escrow, Home Inspection, and Appraisals
  • Move In!